Rising Foreclosure Rates Also Raise Concerns Of Fraudulent Foreclosures

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It has been felt that this method has helped to increase the number of foreclosures in the United States.

The number of distressed homes on the market has been a steady and telling number for many months.

Most experts predict that we will see an increase in the number of distressed homes in the coming months as foreclosures continue to be a significant factor in the national housing market. Foreclosures were running at eight-year high levels well before the recent downturn took hold. The reason for the dramatic shifts in the number of distressed homes has been the drastic turnabouts in loan terms available and the dramatic increase in the number of foreclosures.

It is imperative to understand that foreclosures are both a result of the lender not being able to obtain a loan modification as well as a result of lenders being unwilling to modify loans. In the past, lenders have been very resistant to changing loans. As a result, lenders would write off the delinquent loans as non-performing assets and write those loans off as rapidly as possible. But, as the foreclosure crisis has progressed, lenders have been becoming more willing to modify loans.

In some markets, it has been felt that it has been too difficult for the lender to write off a loan as non-performing. And as a result, lenders have been going out of their way to modify loans as quickly as possible. It has been felt that this increased willingness to modify has led to foreclosures. This means that the number of foreclosures has increased in the markets that are most conducive to modifying loans. 

It is essential to understand that only a tiny percentage of the written mortgages have to be affected by the foreclosure crisis. The majority of mortgages are unaffected. Most homeowners can stay in their homes and remain current because lenders have been modifying loans to a very rapid rate. This has worked for most homeowners because it is not very often that homeowners have to choose between paying their mortgage and paying their bills. 

Most homeowners in this situation would decide to pay the mortgage as it will allow them to stay in their homes and continue making their payments. But, if a homeowner falls behind on their mortgage, then the foreclosure process will move faster. 

The foreclosure process has been very fast because it is the only way that a lender can enforce a foreclosure. If the borrower can keep up with the payments, then the foreclosure process will move at a much slower rate. It has been felt that this method has helped to increase the number of foreclosures in the United States.

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