How to Get Started With Real Estate Investing

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When seeking out a mentor, you should know the criteria for an excellent mentor.

That was a bold statement for sure, and I know it is a challenge to follow it. However, it is really not that hard to put it to work for you if you have the education, understanding, and resources to do so. Below are several strategies and suggestions that should help you succeed.

First and foremost, seek out great investing mentors. When seeking out a mentor, you should know the criteria for an excellent mentor. Mentors should have worked in their field for at least two years or longer, be financially secure and able to work full time in the field of their choice, preferably in your industry, be someone who is already making money, and know what success looks like. You should build your relationship with your mentor by going into a local bar, chat, or phone call every few weeks to make sure you are not on the same page. A lousy mentor could drag you down and take away from your learning because your mentor didn't show you how to do it right. Mentors should be someone you look up to and believe in.

Next, you should find someone who has already made it. If you're not sure where to start, don't worry. There are many great sources online, in magazines, on TV, in other countries, and in different time zones. Many people are already making money doing exactly what you want to do. Do you know someone who is a real estate investor? Do you know someone else who is working on real estate investing? Find them and connect with them. Take them to lunch once a month, ask them how their business is going, and what they are doing to get better. Don't be shy. They should be willing to tell you the process and their results. What is going well, what needs improvement, and what are they doing to succeed? You can thank them after the meeting for their time and respect, and that's all it is. Please get to know them and take action.

Find someone who is already making money and ask them what the secret is. Learn what it takes to get started with real estate investing and get in the game.

Your mentor should have already done what you want to do and have the success you want. Your mentor should be successful because they know what it takes to be successful. They can give you tips that will provide you with the success you desire. They are already doing it, so they must know what success feels like and what it takes. As an investor, you will need their ideas and advice as you begin your first deal. Your mentor should teach you how to be a successful investor, not just giving you what you need to do the job. If you take action, the success you desire is within your reach. The success you wish will come to you and your life.

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